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I create custom Taiko built to order and offer what is typically called Nagado Daiko or "long bodied taiko" (Huge range of sizes in this description) Our Nagado Daiko also starts with a white oak barrel and you choice of steer heads either white or natural. They range in size from 18-24 inch diameter heads and range from 19-32 inch body lengths.

You can request your choice of finishes with the standard finishes being Red Oak, Red Mahogany, natural (no stain), or a gloss black painted finish.

Please keep in mind that building a quality Taiko takes time. Generally there is a 3 -5 month lead time before you can expect to receive your custom drum. If you have a specific request, I can generally build any custom size Taiko you're looking for.

We may have some pre-built inventory that would significantly reduce your waiting. Please contact me for a list of available Taiko.

We can also build any custom size drum with your choice of wood. of course availability, cost and delivery will change a bit....

For pricing and pictures please visit the Shop page.

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