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Hira Daiko

The Hira Daiko has approximately 1.3 Shaku or 16 inch diameter heads. Depending on the tone and weight required it can be about 8-12 inches tall. I use white oak barrels and they can be ordered with white or natural steer heads and your choice of stain - Natural, Red Mahogany, Ebony or Red Oak. I can also do a gloss black paint.

This one is a natural finish with white steer head.

$600-$1,000 depending on size, heads and finish

The rims of all my drums are reinforced using a second row of solid oak. These drums are guaranteed to outlast you!  Play them as hard and long as you can!

We can also build any custom size drum with your choice of wood. Of course availability, cost and delivery will change a bit....

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