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About Taiko Colorado

Jim and Gail Montgomery are the owners and artisans behind Taiko Colorado. Gail is an avid Taiko player as well and belongs to Sun Mountain Taiko here in Colorado Springs. We are based, as you may have guessed, in Colorado Springs, Colorado in an area known as Black Forest. Not really sure why it's called Black Forest, it's just pine trees. We are the proud servants of three great (most of the time) dogs, Auzzi, Sage and Tisket the Whole Wheat Biscuit. 

We make several types of taiko from fully custom creations to putting old wood to good use through recycling of wine and whisky barrels into beautiful taiko creations. You can see several examples on this page of the different Taiko we have made. We also offer taiko ensemble apparel and accessories.

Check out the SHOP page for a listing of our products and happy drumming!

Odaiko and stand
Odaiko and Chu Daiko
Practice Taiko
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