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I create custom Taiko built to order and offer what is typically called Nagado Daiko or "long bodied taiko" (Huge range of sizes in this description) Our Nagado Daiko also starts with a white oak barrel and you choice of steer heads either white or natural. They range in size from 18-24 inch diameter heads and range from 19-32 inch body lengths.

You can request your choice of finishes with the standard finishes being Red Oak, Red Mahogany, natural (no stain), or a gloss black painted finish.

Please keep in mind that building a quality Taiko takes time. Generally there is a 3 -5 month lead time before you can expect to receive your custom drum. If you have a specific request, I can generally build any custom size Taiko your looking for.

We may have some pre-built inventory that would significantly reduce your waiting. Please contact me for a list of available Taiko.

We can also build any custom size drum with your choice of wood. of course availability, cost and delivery will change a bit....

Humble Beginnings

The Humble Beginnings...

I start with whole, used barrels, typically whisky or red wine. The barrels I use are generally 15-59 gallons and are made of White Oak staves. I cut the center of the barrel to size and completely break it down to start the prep process. Preparation after the barrels are broken down involves hours of sanding to remove the interior char and exterior blemishes. This initial process of just getting the barrel ready to re-assemble takes me anywhere from 6-10 hours depending on the size of the drum being made.


One side note... while sanding the char off the inside of the barrels the odor of Bourbon is AWESOME! My shop smells like charred bourbon for days! (I thought about naming them Drunken Taiko. Still considering the marketing implications of that.)

Insides of Barrel
Raw Bourbon Barrel
New Planters?

Once all of the initial prep is done it is on to re-assembling all of the pieces to create the actual drum shape. I'll eventually add some pics of re-assembly but during that process my hands are so full of glue I can't touch anything to take a picture!

Once the initial re-assembly dries it's time to start reinforcing and then more sanding and finish work. I use the pieces cut from the ends to reinforce the drum edge.

Reinforcing the rims
Rim gluing
rim after reinforcing
exterior red oak finish

After the rim reinforcement is in it's time for the final exterior and interior preparation consisting of filling any voids or gaps and final sanding to accept the desired finish for the drum.

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