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Custom Built Taiko

Here are some estimated costs for our Taiko. All Taiko are custom made to your specifications with new tuned and conditioned heads with heavy duty byou (tacks)

Typical materials are Ash, White Oak and Red Oak (the Oak is a bit heavier) I use wine and Bourbon barrels as available so the sizes can vary slightly from what is shown below

I reinforce the rims of all my Taiko to avoid the splintering, chipping and cracking found with most other taikos on the market.


(Diameter x Height)     KAN (without)     KAN (with 2)

15x7 (practice size).           $600                      $800

12x16                                   $800                   $1,000

14x18                                  $1,050                 $1,250

16x20                                  $1,100                 $1,300

18x22.5                              $1,800                  $2,000

20x25                                 $2,500                  $2,700

22x27.5                                  N/A                   $3,200

24x28                                     N/A                    $3,900     

24x30                                     N/A                    $4,550

30x36                                     N/A                    $6,800

There are two styles of Kan available, standard and deluxe.  The pricing shown are for the standard Kan.

Please Contact Me directly so we can create the exact drum you're looking for.

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